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Every year thousands of new rose varieties are bred worldwide. But only a few new varieties meet the quality standards, continue to be propagated and are thus also available on the market.

The main characteristics of the rose in new rose varieties vary over time. In the past, there have been trends towards full-bodied, highly fragrant rose varieties, such as English Roses. Or the trend towards multi-coloured varieties, such as Roses from Delbard.

Whether you are looking for Floribunda Roses, Ground Cover Roses, Hybrid Teas, Climbing Roses, Shrub Roses, Miniature Roses, Modern Rambler Roses or Old Roses - rose novelties are being bred in all rose categories.

Currently, the focus of the new products is again increasingly on a rose scent in combination with good health and rich flowering. Another tendency of the last years was and is the reflection on a simple flowering, which is also a source of food for our insects in the garden.

A good example of this are the Hulthemia Persica Hybrids, which have become very popular in recent years.

Are you looking for something new for your garden? Or do you always want to be trendy? Then you can buy the rose novelties here!

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Alexander von Humboldt
Ground Cover Rose
Alexander von Humboldt ®
Amaretto 2018
Floribunda Rose
Amaretto 2018 ®
Shrub Rose
Amica ®
Hybrid Tea
Amorosa ®
Baby Schneewittchen
Floribunda Rose
Baby Schneewittchen ®
Bienenweide Bicolor
Ground Cover Rose
Bienenweide Bicolor ®
Shrub Rose
Bounty ®
Carmen Würth
Floribunda Rose
Carmen Würth ®
Shrub Rose
Cayenne ®
Circle of Life
Hybrid Tea
Concorde ®
Coral Lions Rose
Floribunda Rose
Coral Lions Rose ®
Miniature Rose
Corazon ®
Hybrid Tea
Courage ®
Floribunda Rose
Cremosa ®
Hybrid Tea
Desirée ®
Elin's Rose - Plant'n'relax
Floribunda Rose
Enjoy ®
Hybrid Tea
Feurio ®
Friendship Forever - Plant'n'relax
Henri Delbard
Hot Lady
Hybrid Tea
Hot Lady ®
Ground Cover Rose
Hotline ®
Floribunda Rose
Impala ®
Inger Forever - Plant'n'relax
Jim The Viking - Plant'n'Relax
Lavender Siluetta
Lilac Topaz
Floribunda Rose
Lilac Topaz ®
Love Letter
Floribunda Rose
Love Letter ®
Floribunda Rose
Mango ®
Floribunda Rose
Manora ®
Hybrid Tea
Marietta ®
Matthias Claudius Rose
Floribunda Rose
Meteor ®
Modern Art
Floribunda Rose
Modern Art ®
Climbing Rose
Naranga ®
1 - 36 of 78 articles