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Every year thousands of new rose varieties are bred worldwide. But only a few new varieties meet the quality standards, continue to be propagated and are thus also available on the market.

The main characteristics of the rose in new rose varieties vary over time. In the past, there have been trends towards full-bodied, highly fragrant rose varieties, such as English Roses. Or the trend towards multi-coloured varieties, such as Roses from Delbard.

Whether you are looking for Floribunda Roses, Ground Cover Roses, Hybrid Teas, Climbing Roses, Shrub Roses, Miniature Roses, Modern Rambler Roses or Old Roses - rose novelties are being bred in all rose categories.

Currently, the focus of the new products is again increasingly on a rose scent in combination with good health and rich flowering. Another tendency of the last years was and is the reflection on a simple flowering, which is also a source of food for our insects in the garden.

A good example of this are the Hulthemia Persica Hybrids, which have become very popular in recent years.

Are you looking for something new for your garden? Or do you always want to be trendy? Then you can buy the rose novelties here!

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Alexandra David-Neel
Floribunda Rose
Alexandra David-Neel ®
Hybrid Tea
Anuschka ®
Floribunda Rose
Arifa ®
Avalanche Abricot
Floribunda Rose
Avalanche Abricot ®
Better Times
Hybrid Tea
Better Times ®
Bienenweide Ivory
Ground Cover Rose
Bienenweide Ivory ®
Bienenweide Mango
Ground Cover Rose
Bienenweide Mango ®
Bijou Corail
Hybrid Tea
Bijou Corail ®
Bright Smiles
Floribunda Rose
Bright Smiles ®
Shrub Rose
Caracho ®
Carola Hit
Miniature Rose
Carola Hit ®
Christina Renaissance
Deep Love
Climbing Rose
Deep Love ®
Shrub Rose
Dekora ®
Dornburger Schlossrose
First Class Courtyard
Flamingo '22
Floribunda Rose
Flamingo '22 ®
Gloriosa - Die BUGA Rose
Floribunda Rose
Gloriosa - Die BUGA Rose ®
La Sauvagine Terre et Passion
Lady Capri
Hybrid Tea
Lady Capri ®
Shrub Rose
Lancelot ®
LandFrauen Rose Tantau
Ground Cover Rose
LandFrauen Rose Tantau ®
Lemon Siluetta
Rambler Rose
Lemon Siluetta ®
Letitia Renaissance
Floribunda Rose
Loki ®
Floribunda Rose
Lollipop ®
Hybrid Tea
Maleica ®
Margarita Romanjuk
Floribunda Rose
Margarita Romanjuk ®
Hybrid Tea
Mauritia ®
Meine Rose
Hybrid Tea
Meine Rose ®
Miranda Renaissance
Shrub Rose
Miranda Renaissance ®
Muiden Castle
Floribunda Rose
Muiden Castle ®
Najac Castle
Floribunda Rose
Najac Castle ®
Natura Siluetta
Climbing Rose
Natura Siluetta ®
Hybrid Tea
Noblesse ®
Pashmina '23
Shrub Rose
Pashmina '23 ®
1 - 36 of 53 articles