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Now is the right time to fertilize the roses. In order to promote growth and abundance of flowers, you should now use a fertilizer rich in nitrogen and phosphorus. It is also important that the fertilizer you use contains numerous trace elements. Very good and inexpensive is the fertilizer Oscorna Animalin (horn meal). We recommend our Osmocote slow release fertilizer for fertilizing roses in tubs, pots and other containers.


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Magdas Rose

Fantastic scent and individual play of colours

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Welcome to our online shop for roses, accessories and accompanying plants. From now on you can browse through our wide range of roses even more comfortably than before and find your favourite plants very quickly with the extended search.

In the category garden roses you will find our bare-rooted bush roses. You can buy these roses from October to April. To help you find your way through our large selection of over 1800 varieties, our assortment is divided into Modern and Historical Roses, to which the individual rose classes are subordinate. In addition, our rose plants are grouped according to their characteristics in order to quickly find scented roses, ADR roses or certain colours, for example. Of course the varieties can also be grouped according to your rose growers.

The stem roses include both bare-rooted roses and container roses and include all stem heights from dwarf stem roses to mourning stem roses. As with the garden roses, there are predefined sub-categories to help you find your way around quickly.

Our container roses can be ordered all year round and are grouped according to the various pot sizes. From the small 3-litre container to the large presentation rose in an 8-litre pot, you will find a rich selection for your terrace, balcony or garden.

A beautiful garden naturally also includes accompanying plants and accessories. A very large selection of perennials and lilac round off our selection here. In order that roses and accompanying plants get the best conditions, fertilizers and pesticides must not be missing.

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