Old Tree Roses

Buy Wild Roses – the most original and natural rose

Wild roses are the original form of roses, from which the various varieties of historical roses as well as modern roses ultimately result. They can therefore be called the ancestors of our modern garden roses. They are found all over the northern hemisphere and the different varieties of Wild Roses can be assigned to the Asian, European and North American regions .

The Wild Rose exudes an original charm and those who love nature and naturalness should have a Wild Rose in their garden, because they make a great contribution to our environment. Due to their simple, mostly 5-petalled flowers with beautiful stamens, Wild Roses are among the most bee and insect-friendly roses. They usually grow in large shrubs, but can also climb - there are also somewhat more compact varieties. Their stinger-reinforced shoots provide a safe refuge for all kinds of animals.

They all flower only once, but bloom abundantly in early summer and form the most beautiful rosehips in various forms in autumn. Rosehips, which are particularly rich in vitamin C, not only provide food for the animal world, but can also be processed into all kinds of delicious things in the kitchen.

Wild Rose varieties that always look good in the natural garden

There are many Wild Rose varieties that can be regularly admired in gardens or public plantings. The Rosa canina, also called dog rose, can be used to cover areas. The Rosa multiflora conjures up a white sea of flowers in early summer.

The Rosa hugonis, has an intense golden yellow flower, which is very rare for a Wild Rose and does not occur in European Wild Roses. At flowering time it is a real splash of colour. The Rosa omeiensis pteracantha is known as a barbed wire rose. Like Rosa hugonis, it originates from Asia and has a very distinctive arrangement of spines that resembles barbed wire.

As a hedge planting the "shiny rose" Rosa nitida cuts an excellent figure.

There are many more beautiful varieties and in our opinion there should be at least one Wild Rose in every garden. If you want to buy Wild Roses, there is not much you can do wrong. They are very hardy and easy to grow. This is one of the reasons why these roses still have a great attraction and they are the ancestors of all roses!

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