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Historical roses are officially defined as varieties that were cultivated before 1867. These varieties are also known as Old Roses. This classification has been established by various official institutions and is internationally recognised. However, the decisive factor for the classification is not the breeding year of a variety, but the "rose class" to which the variety belongs. When a new variety is bred from historical roses today, it is also to be classified as a class of historical roses if it fulfills the characteristics of this class.

On the one hand, there are Historical Roses whose origin is in Europe. These include the Alba Roses, Zentifolia Roses, Damascene Roses and Gallica Roses. On the other hand, there are the China Roses, Portland Roses, Noisette Roses, Remontant Roses, Bourbon Roses and Tea Roses, which originated under the influence of the China Roses.

In 1867 a tea hybrid was introduced in France for the first time, which laid the foundation for the Modern Rose class. Historical roses grow mostly shrubby and have small to medium sized, slightly double, sometimes strongly scented flowers. Often the leaf colour is lighter than that of Modern Roses. Some varieties produce beautifully looking rosehips, which beautify the garden even after the flowering period.

Historical roses are not only old varieties. They have charm and many rose lovers appreciate them for their often intensely scented flowers and their winter hardiness. Most Historic Roses only delight us once a year with their flowering splendour, but newer cultivars also flower more often.

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