The season for bare root plants is unfortunately over!
But you can order them in advance for the planting in autumn from 3rd quarter (approx. from 26 Oktober).

current seasonal goods: Climbing Pot Roses

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Climbing roses are the highest growing roses. But they need to be supported by climbing aids to reach their full size. Since the emphasis is always on a large flowering, some branches of the climbing rose should be guided horizontally as this produces more side shoots which can form flowers. A suitable location with plenty of sunlight must also be chosen so that climbing roses grow optimally. Climbing roses should, if they are to reach high altitudes, only be moderately pruned so that they can reach the desired height.

In addition to the more often flowering climbing roses, there are the rambler roses, which usually only flower once a year. However, if climbing roses have a suitable habitat, they can sometimes be used to cover larger areas such as the wall of a house. This class of roses easily reaches heights of 4-5 m depending on the variety. In the garden, climbing roses only need space at the top and can be surrounded relatively tightly with other plants.

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