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Rosen Tantau was founded in 1906 by Matthias Tantau in Uetersen. From the beginning the focus was on the breeding of garden roses, tree roses and rootstocks for grafting.

In the first years and decades Matthias Tantau made great strides in the flowering and health of roses for the garden with his new breeds and made a considerable contribution to the spread of garden roses with his popular varieties.

Known varieties of Tantau roses

If we look at some Tantau roses, many will know most of the varieties. Some of the most famous rose varieties for the garden have been bred by Rosen Tantau.

Starting with the Beetroses Duftwolke, the Bernstein Rose, the Aspirin-Rose or Sirius to modern Rambler Roses like the Perennial Blue, which also received the ADR Rose Predicate, roses from Tantau are represented in all rose categories.

Of course, the scented roses Erotika and Augusta Luise must also be mentioned, which delight every nose with their wonderful scent. And who does not know the Hybrid Teas Nostalgie in white red or Barkarole in a black red?

Rosen Tantau has of course also represented top varieties in all segments with the shrub rose Gartenträume, the dwarf rose Clementine and the ground cover rose Bienenweide Rosa, both of which are available in several colour variations, or the classic red climbing rose Santana.

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Hybrid Tea
Aquarell ®
Avec Amour
Hybrid Tea
Avec Amour ®
Climbing Rose
Barock ®
Bernstein Rose
Floribunda Rose
Bernstein Rose ®
Bienenweide Gelb
Ground Cover Rose
Bienenweide Gelb ®
Shrub Rose
Candela ®
Hybrid Tea
Candlelight ®
China Girl
Floribunda Rose
China Girl ®
Chippendale Gold
Hybrid Tea
Chippendale Gold ®
Circle of Life
Shrub Rose
Circle of Life ®
Divina 2014
Hybrid Tea
Divina 2014 ®
Hybrid Tea
Duftgold ®
Climbing Rose
Dukat ®
Emil Nolde Rose
Shrub Rose
Emil Nolde Rose ®
Miniature Rose
Goldjuwel ®
Climbing Rose
Goldstern ®
Floribunda Rose
Inka ®
Floribunda Rose
Lampion ®
Hybrid Tea
Landora ®
Shrub Rose
Sahara ®
Ground Cover Rose
Sonnenschirm ®
Starlet Rose Lizzy
Climbing Rose
Starlet Rose Lizzy ®
1 - 22 of 22 articles