Buy Rambler Roses – the unstoppable climbers

Rambler is derived from the English term "ramble" and means "to wander around". Historical Rambler roses are usually (early) summer bloomers and do not or hardly ever reflower. On the other hand, many ramble roses form beautiful small rosehips in autumn, which can also delight us in winter. Characteristic for Rambler or Rambler Roses is the extremely strong growth with up to over 10 meters. Climbing roses, on the other hand, are suitable for rather small climbs.

If you want to buy Rambler Roses you neet to have the space for them.

The fact that almost all historical Rambler Roses only bloom once is exactly one reason why they can grow so strongly. Because: they do not have to spend their energy so often on flowering and can therefore grow most of the year.

Outstanding historical Rambler

Well-known strains such as Bobbie James with its delicate white flowers can cover very large areas. Another classic is the Rose Alchymist from Kordes Rosen, which is a real exceptional talent among the Ramblers with its large, heavily double flowers.

Paul's Himalayan Musk is also worth mentioning, with its small, double flowers that give off a wonderful scent. With Veilchenblau there is also a renowned bluish-purple representative of the Rambler Roses, which may delight many in their garden.

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