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Buy ADR RosesADR is an abbreviation for "Allgemeine Deutsche Rosenneuheitenprüfung" (General German Rose Novelty Test). The aim of the ADR is to test and evaluate selected rose novelties for various aspects such as flowering behavior and, in particular, resistance. The ADR was founded in the 1950s, mainly at the instigation of Wilhelm Kordes and other rose breeders, in order to be able to classify the large number of new varieties. The ADR is a working group of rose breeders and independent testing gardens and is embedded in the Association of German Nurseries (BdB).

In the test gardens, of which there are 11 at different locations throughout Germany, the new rose varieties are planted and tested over several years (usually 3-4 years) without the use of sprays for their ornamental value and robustness.

The rose is to be tested there on the basis of its natural characteristics. Only a few varieties receive the coveted ADR seal (ADR Rose), as it is a predicate for a very healthy, as well as growth and flowering variety and increases the value and awareness of a new breed immensely.

A total of over 2000 varieties have now been tested, with only 187 rose novelties (as of October 24, 2019) making it onto the ADR variety list. In addition, the ADR seal is also withdrawn if, contrary to expectations, a variety cannot meet the strict quality criteria after years. You can buy ADR roses without hesitation if you prefer very robust and easy-to-grow varieties.

Selection of popular ADR roses in our store

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Ground Cover Rose
Balou ®
Black Forest Rose
Floribunda Rose
Black Forest Rose ®
Floribunda Rose
Canzonetta ®
Shrub Rose
Cayenne ®
Cherry Bonica
Floribunda Rose
Cherry Bonica ®
Cherry Girl
Floribunda Rose
Cherry Girl ®
Hybrid Tea
Elbflorenz ®
Climbing Rose
Florentina ®
Ground Cover Rose
Gärtnerfreude ®
Grande Amore
Hybrid Tea
Grande Amore ®
Shrub Rose
Matador ®
Red Leonardo da Vinci
Floribunda Rose
Red Leonardo da Vinci ®
Roter Korsar
Shrub Rose
Roter Korsar ®
Floribunda Rose
Rotilia ®
Rouge Meilove
Floribunda Rose
Rouge Meilove ®
Ground Cover Rose
Sommerabend ®
Ground Cover Rose
Sorrento ®
Super Excelsa
Rambler Rose
Super Excelsa ®
Alexander von Humboldt
Ground Cover Rose
Alexander von Humboldt ®
Die Sehenswerte
Floribunda Rose
Die Sehenswerte ®
Gräfin Diana
Hybrid Tea
Gräfin Diana ®
Happy Wanderer
Floribunda Rose
Happy Wanderer ®
Floribunda Rose
Resonanz ®
Shrub Rose
Salsa ®
1 - 24 of 24 articles