The season for bare root plants is unfortunately over!
But you can order them in advance for the planting in autumn from 3rd quarter (approx. from 26 Oktober).

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Who does not know it: the beguiling scent of the rose, which invites you to dream and delights your senses. What could be more beautiful in the garden than a heavenly blossom that radiates an enchanting scent and makes you forget your everyday life. How many poets and thinkers have tried to put the scent of the rose into words.

Scented roses are certainly the dream of every garden lover. The mostly highly double flowers exude a fragrance which can appear in all facets. In every rose class you will find varieties that exude an individual scent. However, sometimes this characteristic has its price: in some cases, scented roses require more care than their conspecifics who are not blessed with.

Almost every scented rose has its own scent, which can cover a wide range of scents from fruity to tart. Among many other varieties, the following are particularly strongly scented: Rose de Resht, Louise Odier, Scented Cloud, Scented Frenzy. There are many more varieties that deserve to be listed.

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