Buy Climbing Roses – majestic blossoms that aim high

The climbing rose is a very vigorous rose, which is suitable for planting on house walls, archways or other trellises. However, it must be supported and tied up by climbing aids in order to reach its full size. In contrast to shrub roses, which also have a very vigorous but broadly bushy growth, climbing roses develop long shoots which want to grow upwards.

Those who attach great importance to the splendour of the flowers should guide some branches of the climbing rose horizontally, as this produces more side shoots, which can form flowers. However, this is not always possible, as they often develop strong shoots with the corresponding woody plant. A suitable location with plenty of sunlight and good humus must also be chosen so that climbing roses can grow optimally. It should be noted that climbing roses should be watered a little at the beginning in dry periods until they have grown well. Regular fertilization has a positive effect on growth. If climbing roses are to be cut back high up, they should not be cut back too much and should be done in steps so that the roses reach the desired height.

In addition to the more often flowering Modern Climbing Roses, there are the Rambler Roses, which usually flower only once a year and have somewhat softer shoots. Ramblers usually have the smaller flowers and grow even stronger, as they only need to put their strength into flowering once a year. On the other hand, the climbing rose delights us when it has arrived at its habitat after a few years, with a year-round splendour of flowers!

If climbing roses have a suitable location, they can also be used to cover larger areas such as the wall of a house. This class of roses easily reaches heights of 3-5 metres, depending on the variety. In the garden, climbing roses only need space at the top and can be surrounded relatively densely with other shallow-rooted plants. If several climbing roses are to be planted next to each other, a distance of between 80 -100cm should be maintained.

Climbing roses that will beautify any garden

If you want to buy climbing roses, you are spoilt for choice. There are many great varieties.

Classic red climbing roses such as Sympathie by Kordes Rosen, the dark red Naheglut by Poulsen or Red Flame by NIRP International, which has a beautiful signal effect with its bright red and is one of the scented roses, are always very popular. With Camelot, a very beautiful pink speckled variety of Tantau roses or Kordes' pale pink Jasmina and yellow Golden Gate, there are also great ADR roses among the climbing roses, which also score points with above-average leaf health.

With the Mini Eden Rose, Meilland had bred a miniature version of the popular Eden Rose 85 a few years ago, which also enjoys great popularity. But Delbard also has a classic in its range with the strongly scented orange and apricot Papi Delbard.

As many people only have a balcony at their disposal and do not want to do without climbing roses there either, there are also more and more compact varieties that feel comfortable in a larger pot. Rosen Tantau, for example, has bred a whole collection of Starlet roses for this purpose.

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