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Noisetteroses are varieties which are descendants of a cross between "Rosa moschata" and "Parson's Pink China". This cross was first bred in the 19th century by John Champney. Furthermore, very strong roses were developed, the following varieties of which are still very popular (especially yellow) climbing roses today. The rose class finally got its name from Champney's neighbour, Philippe Noisette, who further spread these varieties.

The flowers of the noisetterose, also known as Rosa indica noisettiana, are often light to medium double, usually appearing in clusters and range from a white/pink to yellow hue. The leaves are mainly healthy, but in many cases the plants need stronger winter protection. Mme Alfred Carriere is a wonderful white to pale pink coloured climbing rose, which, with its very strong growth and beautiful flowers will delight the rose lover and is an enrichment for your own garden.

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