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Modern Rambler Roses are a subcategory of the Modern Climbing Roses. In contrast to climbing roses, Modern Rambler roses sometimes only flower once a year, but they have a much stronger growth. The flowers are also usually smaller and the rose blooms more abundantly. Historical Rambler roses have been around for a long time and are very popular and are used to cover trees or higher walls. Some breeders took this as a reason to breed new and also more often flowering Rambler roses.

Newer varieties that can be classified here

Among many other varieties, New Dawn is a very well-known, older and yet more often flowering variety, which enchants the observer with its soft pink, apple blossom-scented flowers. Perennial Blue is a newer breeding of Roses Tantau, which combines a great purple colour with a very good robustness and shares the ADR-seal with Super Excelsa, another highly appreciated variety.

Apple Blossom is a single flowering variety, but has a beautiful and rich pile.

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