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For most people Hybrid Tea soses are the epitome of the rose, which is the crown in the world of flowers. Hybrid Tea soses have well-formed flowers, which usually unfold their beauty on long stems alone. Hybrid Tea soses are also called tea hybrids and it is said that "La France" by Guillot was the first breeding of this genus in 1867. Hybrid Tea soses should be planted in small groups in the garden so that they do not look lost. Because of their single flowers sitting on long stems, they are excellent cut roses, which means that you can enjoy the beauty of the rose in your own home.

Hybrid Tea soses may not be the most hardy roses, but it is hard to resist their beauty, which is why you will gladly accept more intensive care. In addition, many well-known varieties have managed to achieve the predicate "World Rose". Among these varieties are Gloria Dei (World Rose 1978), Papa Meilland (World Rose 1988) or Ingrid Bergmann (World Rose 2000), to name but a few.

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Big Purple
Hybrid Tea
Big Purple ®
Blue Girl
Hybrid Tea
Blue Girl ®
Blue River
Hybrid Tea
Blue River ®
Bossuet, Aigle de Meaux
Chartreuse de Parme
Hybrid Tea
Chartreuse de Parme ®
Derby Hagen Gmelin Rose
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Rose
Mamy Blue
Hybrid Tea
Mamy Blue ®
Hybrid Tea
Marietta ®
Moody Blue
Hybrid Tea
Moody Blue ®
Pacific Blue
Hybrid Tea
Pacific Blue ®
Princess Alexandra (Renaissance)
Senteur Royale
Hybrid Tea
Senteur Royale ®
Souvenir de Louis Amade
Waltz Time
Hybrid Tea
Waltz Time ®
1 - 15 of 15 articles