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Fox roses, botanically called Rosa foetida (also Rosa lutea / eglanteria), originate from Asia and were probably introduced to Europe in the 16th century. A distinctive feature of this class is the special rather light scent, which is very special and can be perceived by some as not very pleasant. This is the origin of the Latin name Roase foetida (lat.: feotidus = stinking). This class was scientifically described by Johann Herrmann in 1762.

Characteristic for the Fuchsrosen is a yellow flower. Rosa lutea bicolor atropurpurea, however, is, as the name suggests, a multi-colored variety that flowers golden yellow and a capuchin red. Rosa foetida grow to about 150 cm and form dark brown branches, which are richly covered with spines. The foliage is rather fernlike. In autumn the roses bear very beautiful spherical orange rose hips which decorate the garden.

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