Buy Shrub Roses - rich flowering rose bushes

Shrub Roses are a class of roses that can be planted individually or in groups. Solitary they can grow into a remarkable bush and thus set a widely visible accent in the garden.

If they are planted in groups, Shrub Roses can be used as hedges. They flower very abundantly and are therefore a very popular variety in our gardens. Some varieties, as well as many English Roses, which belong to the Shrub Rose class, can also be used for climbing not too high climbing aids, such as smaller pyramids or rose arches.

Commonly, Shrub Roses are often called bush roses, although sometimes they are also referred to as bush roses, which sometimes grow bushy and grow much lower. Some Shrub Roses reach a height of 2 metres and need a suitable location to develop their full splendour. You should bear this in mind if you want to buy spreading Shrub Roses. The pruning of Shrub Roses should not be too vigorous so that they can reach their full size and beauty. Their growth is upright, bushy, they are very robust and usually thrive very well even with little or no plant protection.

Until a Shrub Rose reaches its full size, it must be well ingrown. For this reason, several plants can be planted at a distance of about 50 cm from each other, so that you can enjoy a green and flowery rose splendour earlier. Shrub Roses are also particularly suitable in combination with perennials, other low flowers or plants and can thus highlight your garden with their rich flowers.

Shrub Roses that are a focal point in every garden

An absolutely great variety is Westerland. It has a bright orange flower that changes to pink when it blooms, a very strong, fine fragrance and is also very healthy and extremely hardy. Together with the white, abundantly flowering Schneewittchen and the yellow Lichtkönigin Lucia, it is one of the most famous Shrub Roses of Kordes roses.

The Eden Rose 85, which is now listed by Meilland as a climbing rose because it grows high and you always have to tie it up, is a classic that can be admired in many gardens because of its fantastic, very large, double flowers that appear in white with a pink edge.

The somewhat more compact growing Matador of Rosen Tantau will delight you with its bright red colour and the ADR Rose Seal, which makes this variety very resistant.

Delbard also has with the Centennaire de Lourdes Rose a well-tried and great pink Shrub Rose, which he later selected in other colours due to its good reputation.

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