Buy roses from Kordes – breedings of W. Kordes' sons

The Rose School W. Kordes' Söhne was originally founded in 1887 as an art and commercial nursery by Wilhelm Kordes I. in Elmshorn. This resulted in one of the most important and largest German rose growers, which operates worldwide and is already in the 5th generation of family management. Kordes roses enjoy great popularity everywhere.

Kordes roses are available for all growth forms. Whether garden roses, cut roses or pot roses - everywhere the rose school W. Kordes' sons has bred very good varieties. The focus of the breeding is especially on health, easy care and durability.

A selection of Kordes' roses

W. Kordes' Söhne has bred some classics among the roses. Who does not know the shrub roses Westerland or Lichtkönigin Lucia? In order to give the varieties a certain framework, Kordes has bred roses in collections over the past years. These include the RigoRosen, Märchenrosen, Parfuma Fragrant Roses or Klettermaxe series, in which the new varieties are included. New, robust varieties such as the Floribunda Rose Apricola from the RigoRosen collection, the Märchenrosen Gebrüder Grimm and Novalis or Klettermaxe climbing roses such as Laguna are enjoying great popularity.

In the categories of ground cover roses and dwarf roses, Kordes with Knirps as well as Zwergkönig 78 have very good old acquaintances in their assortment.

With varieties such as Madame Anisette or Rosengräfin Marie Henriette from the Parfuma fragrant rose series, Kordes bred strongly fragrant varieties with very good leaf health, which were able to obtain the ADR Roses predicate, which is rather rare for this species.

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Alexandra - Princesse de Luxembourg
Shrub Rose
Angela ®
Bad Birnbach
Floribunda Rose
Bad Birnbach ®
Bad Wörishofen syn. Pink Emely
Bremer Stadtmusikanten
Miniature Rose
Charmant ®
Shrub Rose
Cinderella ®
Hybrid Tea
Eliza ®
Flirt 2011
Miniature Rose
Flirt 2011 ®
Floribunda Rose
Fortuna ®
Home & Garden
Floribunda Rose
Home & Garden ®
Ground Cover Rose
Hotline ®
Climbing Rose
Jasmina ®
Ground Cover Rose
Knirps ®
Climbing Rose
Laguna ®
Larissa Flower Circus
Floribunda Rose
Larissa Flower Circus ®
Lavender Siluetta
Rambler Rose
Lavender Siluetta ®
Maxi Vita
Floribunda Rose
Maxi Vita ®
Moin Moin syn. Pink Flower Circus
Palmengarten Frankfurt
Ground Cover Rose
Palmengarten Frankfurt ®
Miniature Rose
Pepita ®
Pink Forest Rose
Floribunda Rose
Pink Forest Rose ®
Floribunda Rose
Poetry ®
Floribunda Rose
Pomponella ®
Climbing Rose
Rosanna ®
Rosarium Uetersen
Climbing Rose
Rosarium Uetersen ®
Floribunda Rose
Roselina ®
Ground Cover Rose
Sommerwind ®
Climbing Rose
Amaretto ®
Shrub Rose
Amica ®
Climbing Rose
Bajazzo ®
Bella Rosa
Floribunda Rose
Bella Rosa ®
Hybrid Tea
Beverly ®
Blühwunder 08
Ground Cover Rose
Blühwunder 08 ®
Cherry Lady
Hybrid Tea
Cherry Lady ®
Constanze Mozart
Floribunda Rose
Constanze Mozart ®
1 - 36 of 90 articles