Buy ground cover roses – robust small shrub roses for covering areas

Ground cover roses are very low and broad growing roses, which often cover the ground on slopes or border plantings. With small single to slightly double flowers they provide a dense carpet of flowers. They need different space to develop, are very flowering, robust and easy to maintain. The growth of ground cover roses can be creeping, arching or very bushy.

Some growers also refer to small shrub roses as ground cover roses, although they can grow up to 1m high, as most other shrub roses can grow much higher. Dwarf roses, on the other hand, are distinguished from ground cover roses by a much more compact growth. Due to the growth form, the pruning of ground cover roses is somewhat differentiated, depending on the desired growth form it should be done individually.

In the ground cover rose class, the predicate for ADR roses was awarded most frequently, which makes this rose class particularly suitable for a wide variety of locations even under less than optimal conditions. In addition, ground cover roses are extremely hardy and their dense growth provides an ecosystem for all kinds of useful insects. Also because of the often very open flowers, there are many particularly bee-friendly roses among them.

Due to these characteristics and the uncomplicated growth, ground cover roses are suitable as garden roses as well as container roses.

Hanging ground cover roses are also suitable for decorating small walls with their hanging branches richly covered with flowers. They delight us with a continuous flowering and should not be missing in any garden.

Beautiful groundcover roses, which you have certainly already come across

Everyone has probably seen The Fairy Rose in a private or public garden. This is a really great variety that enchants the observer with its double, soft pink flowers that bloom abundantly on the shrub. Another very well-known variety is Noack's crimson-pink Heidetraum - certainly one of the best ADR roses in terms of leaf health and vigour.

Rosen Tantau has bred an insect-friendly range with its Bienenweide collection and varieties such as Bienenweide Rot, Bienenweide Weiß or Bienenweide Gelb and other colours, thus following the trend towards gardens close to nature.

The Diamant of Kordes roses is also a very robust and luminous ground cover which is very popular.

Would you like to buy ground cover roses? Then you have a large selection here!

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Ground Cover Rose
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Ground Cover Rose
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Ground Cover Rose
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Ground Cover Rose
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