Bare root plants only can be ordered! Delivery in autumn (approx. from 30 Oktober)!

But Ascot is available in the following container versions:

Ascot ® Bare root rose
Hybrid Tea (Modern Romantic Rose)


large, nostalgic, fragrant flowers 


June up to frost 

dark foliage 

bushy growth 

Rosen Tantau, 2007 introduced 

A modern nostalgic rose with a good fragrance. Applicable for small groups.

Bare root rose
A-Quality (at least 3 strong shoots)

10.45 EUR per unit (for 1-4 plants)

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  • Ascot (Hybrid Tea)
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Ascot hat einen Platz auf meinem Balkon im Kübel bekommen und hatte 12Blüten die wunderschön aussahen.Ich hoffe es bilden sich bald neue!Tolle Rose!