The season for bare root plants is unfortunately over!
But you can order them in advance for the planting in autumn from June / July (approx. from 30 Oktober).

But Inspiration - Agel Rose is available in the following container versions:

Inspiration - Agel Rose Bare root rose
Floribunda Rose (Modern Floribunda)

pastel pink 

well filled, precious formed 

good fragrance 

June up to October 

reddish - green 

strong bushy, vigorous 

Richard Agel / DDR, 1985 introduced 

The midsized, precious pure pink buds open up to pastel pink coloured flowers, which are standing in clusters and exude a pleasant fragrance. To form a contrast there is the reddish-green foliage. The vigorous, bushy plant is rich flowering.

  • Inspiration - Agel Rose (Floribunda Rose)
  • Inspiration - Agel Rose (Floribunda Rose)