The season for bare root plants is unfortunately over!
But you can order them in advance for the planting in autumn from 3rd quarter (approx. from 26 Oktober).

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It is not difficult to guess from which region the Chinese roses come. They were cultivated in China long before Christ's birth and were used there as ornamental plants. Via the old trade routes, the cinchona rose finally found its way to Europe in the 18th century, where it enriched the local biodiversity. Especially its reliable ability to flower more often formed the basis for further interesting crossbreeds.

The Chinese roses usually only have small to medium-sized flowers, which bloom very delicately with sometimes changing colours. They usually form somewhat less leafy bushes, but like the "viridiflora" for roses they can develop extraordinary shapes and colours. Historical species which have developed under the influence of the Chinese roses: Tea roses, remontant roses, bourbon roses, Portland roses and noisetteroses.

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