Please keep in mind that container roses are not blooming at that season, have no flowers and less foliage. However the plants have the advantage of fully developed roots and can be planted anytime. Budded, respectively blooming container roses are available from 01 Mai!

Arabella 5-liter Pot
Shrub Rose (Modern Rose)

Carmine at the border, gradient to yellow in the middle 

Bud egg like, flowers saucer-type, medium in size, 9 cm, 23 petals, standing in clusters 

Slight fragrance 

June up to October 

Dark green, glossy foliage 

Vigorous, upright growth 

DDR Baumschulen Dresden, 1978 introduced 

A healthy, upright growing rose, dense foliage up to the ground.

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Letztes Jahr bei Agel gekauft, ist sie dieses Jahr schon über 1 Meter hoch und voller Blüten. Die Farben sind in dieser Kombination eine echte Rarität. Die Blattgesundheit ist trotz des verregneten Sommers gut.