Please keep in mind that container roses are not blooming at that season, have no flowers and less foliage. However the plants have the advantage of fully developed roots and can be planted anytime. Budded, respectively blooming container roses are available from 01 Mai!

Camaieux Tree Rose (~90cm) in 5l Pot
Gallica Rose (Old Rose)

crimson-white striped 

medium large, half filled 

slight sweety fragrant 

During summer 

dark green, healthy 

bushy, consistent, slightly overhangig 

Vibert, 1830 introduced 

Camaieux is one of the most beautiful striped gallica breeds. The medium large, half filled blossoms exude a slightly sweet fragrance and show us an extraordinary play of colours from dark crimson up to purple red. The bushy growth of this breed is very consistent and its foliage dark green and healthy.