Please keep in mind that container roses are not blooming at that season, have no flowers and less foliage. However the plants have the advantage of fully developed roots and can be planted anytime. Budded, respectively blooming container roses are available from 01 Mai!

Bernadette Lafont ® Tree Rose (~90cm) in 5l Pot
Hybrid Tea (Modern Hybrid Tea)

intense magenta purple 

big, dense filled 

very strong fruity fragrance 

June up to frost 

dark green, hardy 


NIRP / Sauvageot, 2004 introduced 

Bernadette Lafont is awarded with "Grand Prix du Parfum" in Bagatelle/Paris in 2004. The dense filled, big flowers have a great fruity fragrance and an intense colouring. The rose has a vigorous growth and is insusceptible to leaf diseases.

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Wie hier beschrieben: gesund, frosthart und stark duftend. Bei mir seit drei Jahre in Garten. Bernardette ist absolut pflegeleicht