Please keep in mind that container roses are not blooming at that season, have no flowers and less foliage. However the plants have the advantage of fully developed roots and can be planted anytime. Budded, respectively blooming container roses are available from 01 Mai!

Banzai ® Tree Rose (~90cm) in 5l Pot
Hybrid Tea (Modern Hybrid Tea)

golden yellow with reddish border 

large, strong filled, rain resisting 

slightly fragrant 

June up to frost 

glossy, leather-like 

vigorous, upgrowing 

Meilland, 1983 introduced 

Banzai is very robust and is blooming tireless till frost. The blossoms are very large, strong filled and resistant to rain. They are coloured golden yellow with a slight reddish border. The upright, vigorous growth and the strong glossy, leather-like foliage make the overall impression of this hybrid tea nearly perfect.