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Paul Ricault

Remontant Rose(Old Rose)

stark gefüllt
sehr starker Duft
kräftig, überhängend
Portemer, 1845 introduced
'Paul Ricault'
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Remontant my foot!

This old rose which I love is sometimes classed as centifolia, sometimes as bourbon, sometimes as both and occasionally as a hybrid perpetual. But even then, nearly always as once flowering. Only once have I seen it described as having some minor repeat flowering in autumn (!) All I can say is that the summers it must bask in, in whatever country that is, must be so mild as to rate as a second winter. I have lived with Paul Ricault for 50 years and never, ever, ever seen it flower outside of spring. Its canes are crowded with thousands of prickles beyond belief, and on its own roots is the messiest tangle of barb wire you can imagine. It must have been the rose that grew around Sleeping Beauty's castle. Sometimes it is listed as having a flat quartered bloom, other times as a muddled bloom, sometimes as deep pink, cerise, or rich carmine, or darkening to purple. Once the central petals fall and it dries a little then certainly it goes a little purplish but that's just just dried cerise! Photographs show a lot of variation in colour, texture and tone. Over time it no doubt has thrown many sports and mine may not be typical. Many of the plants sold as Paul Ricault may also be something else again. Regardless of these differences of opinion, I recommend this rose, for its smell and flower texture alone, but you'll need space for it to sucker and sprawl about, unless it behaves better on another rootstock. Ralph Brew

Paul Ricault
Paul's Himalayan Musk Rambler
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Repeat flowering
once flowering.
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