Please keep in mind that container roses are not blooming at that season, have no flowers and less foliage. However the plants have the advantage of fully developed roots and can be planted anytime. Budded, respectively blooming container roses are available from 01 May!

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Apricot Clementine ®

Miniature Rose(Modern Rose)

Apricot orange
Small, well filled flower umbels
No fragrance
May up to november
Medium green, healthy foliage
Low, bushy and compact
Rosen Tantau, 2001 introduced
Suitable as floribunda, for small groups and for stone gardens.
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1 Field report for Apricot Clementine ®

Wir haben diese Rose letzten Herbst wurzelnackt bezogen und haben bereits jetzt überreich Blüten und Knospen in einem wunderschönen Farbspiel von apricot ins rose spielend bis gelblich. Es sieht traumhaft aus.
Wir sind begeistert!

Apricot Clementine
Apricot Clementine
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Repeat flowering
repeat flowering.
50 cm
30 cm
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